Saturday, 29 September 2007

How to get your home organized - Step 3

Step 3: Everything in its’ own place.

If you have followed the first two steps your home/room should be decluttered by now and the Throw Away bag emptied and the Give Away box on its' way to bless others.

As you take all the stray object to their rooms, try to think about which would be the right place for each item. Try to put things where they are really used. Use your common sense. If you put on your make up in the bedroom, maybe keeping it in the bathroom might not be the best idea. If you read your mail in the kitchen, maybe you should have a place by the kitchen table where you can put your mail?

Have a look at the things you have. Gather the things that are similar or have similar uses and think of how much space they need to be stored properly. If you have lots of books, you might need to add another shelf or maybe store them differently. If you have lots of CD:s you might need a new storage system. As you work your way through your rooms you might find that some groups of items use less space than you thought and other groups need more space. Based on that, you might be able to “recycle” your storage systems and find new uses for what you already have. Getting organized doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on storage systems! It’s about finding better uses for what you have. And if you have followed the previous steps you probably have less things anyway and in more logical places.

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