Wednesday, 26 September 2007

How to get your home organized - Step 2

Classify your stuff.

Once you’re done decluttering one room you have to make sure the Throw away box is emptied and the Give away box is stored away in its’ “cooling place”. Just don’t forget where you put that box and let it stay there for too long! 3 months and it’s gone, ok? And if you’re sure you don’t need any of it ever again, you can give it away sooner.

So, now you’re standing in your decluttered room with less stuff than you had to begin with. Only the things that you love. But in your Keep box there are probably lots of things that don’t belong to that room.

The next step is to classify the stuff in the box. Take out some boxes/bags and label them with each room or member of the household. Classify the stuff and then take it where it belongs. Or let each member come and get their own stuff.

Why don't you get your kids and make a game out of it? See who can put away most things in 10 minutes. I'm sure you can make up lots of funny games for your kids to make them give you a hand. After all, they too live in the house and should help with the cleaning. Of course, everyone according to their age.