Tuesday, 25 September 2007

How to get your home organized - Step 1


Get 3 boxes/big bags. Tag them – Keep, Throw Away (for torn things, things that can’t be used anymore, garbage) and Give Away.

Start working in one room. It’s easiest if you start by the door and work your way around the room. Spend only 15 minutes decluttering in one room, then go to another room or do something else. If you spend too much time decluttering you are probably going to get bored and you will end up keeping it all. Remember, you are only keeping what you really love/need. If you keep it all, then why declutter? You need to be tough and really think about each item – do I really want to keep this? Do I love it? Would I miss it if it was gone? Will I ever need this thing? If I don't need it/love it, would it bless someone else and make her/him happy? Or is it just rubbish? With less things in your home it will be easier to keep your home organized and clean.

As soon as one bag/box is filled, take it away! Don’t leave it around. Go, go, go! Don't think so much, just get it out of your sight.

One thing that has worked for me is to put away the Giveaway Box somewhere where I won’t see it (like on the balcony, the shed, etc) for 3 months. If during that time I have not missed any of the things in the box I’m definitely ready to give them away. I write a note on my calendar - "Time to take care of Give Away Box". But if you're more determined than I am, just give everything away right away.


Amy said...

I get on kicks where I do pretty well with this system-- my problems is getting the "give away" boxes out of here. They tend to sit in the upstairs hallway for months before I actually get rid of them. Ah well, I guess it's a process to declutter, right? :)