Sunday, 27 April 2008

I'm going on vacations!

Hooraay! Today is finally here, the day when the kids and I go away on vacations for a whole week. We're off to Torremolinos, on the Spanish south coast. We'll stay at a hotel with my parents who are coming down from Sweden tonight.

Boy, do I need this? My parents will take care of the kids and for a whole week I will just take care of --- me! I know the kids will be perfectly taken care of so I don't need to worry about them. I really need some me-time, before I have a nervous breakdown. I've been alone with the kids since Christmas, there's no one around here who can give me a hand with them and all of you single moms know what I'm talking about. *lol*

So, what am I going to do with so much time to kill? Guess what, I'm going to study, study and study.... Yup, that's what I'm going to do - prepare my exams. I guess I'll spend about 8 - 10 hours a day cramming and about an hour a day in the hotel pool and the gym. Long walks along the beach and of course -shopping! And I'm going to sleep, long long hours in bed. Oh my, do I like thatpart or what? After sleeping like 3 hours a day for the past weeks a complete night's sleep sounds like a great idea to me.

It's 7 AM and we're going today. But is my house ready for us to leave? No way! So I'll have to spend at least one hour of precious time before we go, picking up things and cleaning. Why is it that the more you pick up, the more you see? Things seem to be pouring out from beneath the furniture.... After my exams I'll have to spend a couple of days just picking things up and doing some major cleaning.

My head really, really hurts today. The lack of sleep and healthy food at the right hours are taking its toll. And the kids seem to be noisier than ever.... Oh boy, I'm NOT looking forward to the trip itself, I just want to get to the hotel. First we'll have to walk for a while, then it's one taxi for about 10 minutes, then another taxi for about one hour and then it's "border time". Uff, the border is a totally different story.... After that we'll be in Spain, but on the African side of course. Well, a bus ride and a long walk later we'll be at the port and can buy the tickets for the ferry (that's another show). Once on the European side of Spain (the mainland) we'll go by taxi and bus to get to Torremolinos and from there it's a walk to the hotel. All in all, it will probably take us about 7 hours at least to get to the hotel....

Take care everyone! I'm not sure I'll do any blogging while I'm away but I'll have lots toblog about once I'm home again. Bye bye, it's breakfast time....