Tuesday, 22 April 2008

FlyLady's "new" site

As some of you probablyknow by now, I'm a complete FlyLady fan. I've tried so many different methods to get things to organized at home and not a single one of them has worked for me. Until I found FlyLady. Tada! It was like magic. For the first time in my life my home was in order. I just couldn't believe it! And the best part of it all is that even when I totally fall off the wagon (like right now) I know just what to do to get back on track in just a few days.

The only thing I don't like about FlyLady is the website. It's so stuffed with things and in no logical order whatsoever. It looks like a totally newbie made it and it just makes me want to cry. I mean, come on!, FlyLady does earn a few buck with the shop and everything else, so why can't she pay a professional webdesigner to remake her website and make it easier to read and find the information? That's just beyond my understanding. Many, many friends of mine say the same thing when I tell them about FlyLady -"Ok, it does seem to be a great system and I can see that it works (*looking around my place*) but hey, the website just stinks! It gives me a headache trying to find the information on how to get started."

And now she's done it again! I've read on some mailinglists that she was remaking the site and I was praying there would be improvements. I just checked it out and NOOOOOO! It's not better, not at all.... Just more colorful.... *sobbing hard*

What do you think? Do you like the "new" layout? In case you haven't visited the FlyLady site, here's the link: http://www.flylady.net


jenny-up the hill said...

Uh..nope! I hate it! lol! I love color but that looks like a mess and very unprofessional...ack!

Janel said...

Thanks for the link. I have never really been a fly lady fan because it makes me feel too much pressure. I will have to check out her new site.