Monday, 31 March 2008

Time for new clothes

I think it's about time I start buying some new clothes. Beach 2008 is coming up soon! I've had a look in my closet this weekend and that made me cry... My clothes are so old, so out of fashion and so worn out.... I really, really need a makeover of my closet! I've decided to give/throw away at least half of what's in there, maybe even more. Ok, so I'll be left with hardly any clothes but hey, I always wear the same items anyway so what's the difference? A closet full of ugly clothes won't make me happier than an empty closet, right?

I think I'll start from the inside out. So first priority, new underwear. I really really don't like buying underwear here in Morocco. Underwear are usually sold in tiny "shops" and run by bearded men. I don't know why all the underwear shops' owners all have beard. I think it's because Moroccan men believe that a bearded man is a good Muslim and therefor won't look at their wifes while they try on the bras. Well, my experience tells me that any man, beard or not, will look at a woman fiddling with a bra. And you know what, I don't want any man, beard or not, to look at me while I'm shopping for underwear. In case I find a shop with a woman selling the clothes that's where I'll spend my money. So far I haven't... So I guess I'll have to cross the border and buy my undies in Spain instead. I know, I'm really picky about this, but it really annoys me to have a man looking at me when I'm doing something that I consider "private". And not because I think I'm Miss Universe, it's just creepy to have a man selling lingerie. Well, that's my 2 cents on the matter, what about you?


Charla said...

I would be the same way. I wouldn't want a man watching me while I was buying underwear.