Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Stay safe on the internet

In a previous post I wrote about passwords and how to password protect your computer and documents. It is important to protect oneself on the internet these days, because there are so many out there trying to rip people off or damage them financially, psychologically or even physically! In order to use the computer in a safe way you need to take some measures and be careful not to reveal personal information openly and to people you shouldn't trust. I know, it's easier said than done but there are ways to make protecting yourself and your family easier.

At http://www.hide-my-ip-address.com/ you can buy a program that protects your IP-adress. An IP-adress is like an ID number for your particular computer and no matter what you do on the internet your IP adress is registred: chatting, sending/receiving e-mails, surfing the net... And it's easy to track down an IP-adress, if you know how to do that and have the right tools. Most people don't, but then again, most people aren't on the net to harm you, but those who are aren't people you want to get involved with.

The best way to avoid these people is to use a program to hide IP address. Then you can surf the internet anonymously through a safe network and not have to worry about your computer getting tracked down.