Tuesday, 8 January 2008

My new green me

A new year usually means New Years Resolutions and plans to lead a better/healthier/happier life. Well, I'm no different. *lol* I've started a new habit which I hope will improve both my health and my waistline.

For the past week I've had a glass or two of green tea with no sugar first thing in the morning. Honestly, I don't like the taste of it because I like my tea with a lot of sugar, but since sugar is not good for the health and I get enough sugar anyway I've decided to cut back on my sugar consumption and have my tea "natural" in the morning. I hope I'll get used to the taste in due time, because I plan to drink this every morning for the rest of the year.

Read more about the benefits of green tea: Chinese green tea, Green Tea Expert, the benefits of green tea and Japanese green tea. I'll let you know if I notice any changes in my health or body.

A friend of a friend of mine followed a green tea diet for two months and lost about 10 kilos (20 pounds?). She didn't do any exercises or anything, she just had a glass of unsweetened green tea half an hour before every meal for two months and the extra weight just disappeared. I believe that's true because I've read about the weight loss benefit in several places so I'm going to be my own lab rat.*lol* I really want to lose some weight before summer and with my work and studies I don't have the time to exercise the way I should so I think this might be the highway towards Beach 2008. Anyway, I'll keep you posted.