Monday, 7 January 2008

Slingling babies

One thing I really regret when looking back at my boys' first years, is not having had any good baby slings. If I had, I might not have such back pain as I have, because I used to carry them all the time, everywhere. Neither of them liked the stroller, they preferred to be close to me. Luckily enough, one of our neighbors was from Togo, in Africa, and she told me how to tie a bedspread or any other big cloth to my back so I could carry one of the boys in it. A lot of time I carried BOTH of them, at the same time - one on my back and the other one in my arms. No wonder my back hurts from time to time.

Things are much easier these days. There are lots of different types of slings, and you can get slings for newborns and for kids up to a few years of age. Slinglings make the cutest slings! I wish I had a baby again, just for the joy of using a real sling. *lol* Carrying your baby in a sling really is much more natural than using a stroller and once you get used to it you will see why. After all, that's what people do all over the planet. I think my boys are so close to me, in part because I carried them so much, but then again, my back would have preferred a sling and not a stiff cloth.