Thursday, 3 January 2008

Remote control cars

My boys got remote control cars for Christmas. They are 8 and 10 and they had lots of fun playing with them. But remote control cars aren't just for boys. On the contrary, I think more adults than boys play with them. That makes it a nice family hobby. I think we all need to find things we can enjoy together with our kids instead of living separate lives, the kids in a world with TV and video games and us in a world with too much stress and pressure and no time to play. Back in the old days people spent more time together and had tighter bonds. We don't have to back in time to achieve that, all it takes is a common interest and some time to spend together.

I looked around and found Everything RC Cars, a website about remote control cars and trucks. That's a whole new world for me, since I've never been into cars, not in any size. But it's an interesting website. There's a lot of information about the hobby in general and especially about
Nitro RC Cars and RC Trucks. You can watch videos, read reviews and learn how to chose the right car. There's also a blog, lots of photos and information about more things than you could imagine you need to know. It's a really good site for "kids" all ages. Visiting the site with your kids is another way to spend quality time with them and then playing outdoors with the cars is good for the whole family.