Friday, 28 December 2007

A new camera!

I got a new camera for Christmas. Yey!!!! A Canon Digital Ixus 75. It's a cute little thing that fits perfectly into my jacket pocket. I also got a new memory card that can hold over 300 pictures. I've taken a lot of pictures, but I can't download them right now because my hubby's computer is full of viruses and things and no matter how much I clean it there's always something new. :-( So I prefer to wait until I'm back home in Morocco. I have so much to share with you! Now I have 2 cameras, so there will be lots of pictures. *lol*

Tomorrow I'll go to one of the biggest hobby stores in Stockholm and I hope I can find something for my great vices, scrapbooking and card making. *lol* Together with my new camera I'll have quite a lot to scrap about in the future. ;-)


Amy said...

Whoo hoo! :) I'm looking forward to more pictures... AND to hearing what you find at that hobby store.