Sunday, 23 December 2007

Last call for Christmas

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and Santa Claus will bring the gifts for all the children who have behaved well during the year. I'm not sure I'm getting anything this year because maybe I haven't been such a good girl. *lol* Luckily enough I can get my own gifts if I'm not happy with what Santa brings. ;-)

Coupon Chief is a great place to get whatever you want. One thing I really, really would like to get is a new camera and accesories. My camera is really lousy, the photos turn out blurry and dark and it's so slow that all the funny moments are long gone before it's ready to take a shot. I don't think I'm getting a camera for Christmas so I think buying myself one is the only way.

And since it's Christmas time I'd love to get something to lift my spirits. It's imposible to get anything Christian in Morocco and there really isn't that much in Ceuta either so I really get blown off my feet when I look at what's available on the internet. There is so much! I wouldn't know what to choose. A visit to the Family Christians Store is really nice, they have lots of things in my taste.

Oh well, I think I'll have to keep on dreaming because in about 24 hours Santa will be here with his sack of gifts. I wonder what's in it for me....