Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Beautiful holiday cards

It's December 4th and I still haven't even started making my Christmas cards. There is so much to do this year! I don't know if I'll make it on time, time is running up. :-( I'm actually thinking about ordering my Christmas cards on line instead. Even if you buy Christmas photo cards it's still not like a store bought card. It's more personal than the store bought card, because you chose the photo and in a way it's much more appreciated than the home made crafted cards. The Christmas card is in itself a gift, especially to those you don't meet very often and you want to keep updated on how your kids are growing. I ordered my Christmas cards online one year and the cards that year were a great success. I know my relatives cherish them.

At VistaPrint it's easy to personalize the holiday cards. There are several templates to chose from, both religious and whimsical. There are also templates for other religions, like Hannukha and Kwansaa cards, but several religions are missing. I guess they will have to chose one of the more general templates. And there are lots of great templates.

Okey, off I go to have a look at the templates...