Monday, 10 December 2007

And then there were two...

... sick kids at home. Oh no, how am I going to study with 2 kids at home? The "Mama, I'm thirsty!","Mama, I'm cold", "Mama, I'm bored. Play with me" will be double. I don't know how I'm going to manage. My To Do List for today is very long and I get the impression that I'm not going to finish... And I HAVE TO finish an exam I have to deliver by Wednesday, printed and ready.

Or maybe they will keep each other company and won't spend the whole day arguing, so there's a slight chance I get a few hours of peaceful study time. I hope so, because I'm still behind schedule and the exams are around the corner. This year I'm not really enjoying Christmas, I don't know where my Christmas spirit is... I hope it will appear as soon as I deliver the exam and can start to think about other things as well. At least I've begun to decorate the house a little bit. Not much and not enough, but at least you can see that Christmas is celebrated in this house. *lol*