Sunday, 18 November 2007

Study group

I'm glad I've found a group of girls to study with. We are 5 girls and we all live in different cities, so we study online. So far it works great!

There is so much to study so we have divided the work between us and then share our notes. We chat almost every day and also have fixed hours when we talk about different classes. Like today, it's Sunday and in less than an hour we'll talk about Spanish Medieval Literature. Thanks to the girls I'm slowly catching up on everything.

I spent 5 hours at the library on Friday and hopefully I'll be able to study at least 3 hours at the library tomorrow. I haven't been able to study much this weekend so I really need to work hard next week. And no scrapping. :-( I just hope the stupid carpenter will show up tomorrow and fix my bedroom closet because I'm sick and tired of not having a place to put my clothes.

Well, these are my plans for next week. What are yours? Are you doing anything fun?