Sunday, 18 November 2007

Be happy, don't worry

One of the bad things about being a student is that you don't make any money and if you do, you'll probably spend it on books anyway, so you're always poor. It's okey when you're young and live with your parents because they will probably help you out as much as they can and you could get a scholarship. You might even get by without taking a loan. But when you've already passed the college age, don't live with your parents anymore, have a family to take care of, then being a student is an even tougher situation. Not only do you have to worry about your studies and exams, you also worry sick about money. At least if you don't take a private student loan. And if you plan to work part time you have to know that the more you work, the less you can study. Ask me, I know.... :-(

After several years of studies my best tip to all future students is to take a close look into student loan consolidation because consolidating your student loans can help you reduce your student loan payments. The best thing is to think about how to pay for your studies even before you register at college. Once you're in college and you run out of money it can get really expensive to take a quick loan without thinking. You're going to be in college for quite some time so you have to think twice about your economy. With a good plan and student loan consolidation you can avoid worries and concentrate on your studies.

Good luck to you if you're in college and please wish me luck, because I have 3 exams in 2 weeks time and I really should spend more time studying. But you can't live on air alone, can you?