Saturday, 17 November 2007

I don't like winter

It's getting cold here. It's almost winter and soon the rains will begin. I do not look forward to that, because I prefer summer and warm days. I wish I could spend the summers here and the winters somewhere else. Like Australia. *lol* A friend of mine lives there and she's getting ready for spring. Oh, I envy her. But then I wouldn't want to spend the winter there because they seem to have the same type of ugly weather that we have. A 50/50 sort of life would be perfect!

Going to Australia has been a dream of mine for years. But I wouldn't want to go just for a week or two. Australia is such a big country so I probably would need six months or more before I could say that "I've been to Australia". I would love to work my way through the country, going from place to place, staying for a month or so in each place. I wonder if that's possible these days. I know people who've done that, traveled as backpackers and worked their way around Australia and Asia. I could do that too. *lol*

In a way it seems to be easier to travel around these days, because you can plan a lot ahead so you know exactly where you're going to stay before going there. There are lots of websites where you can find lodging, jobs and friends. Like this one I found about Adelaide - Adelaide classifieds where you can find jobs in Adelaide and even dating in Adelaide, if you feel lonely. What more can you possibly need? *lol* So who knows, in 10 years or so I might go there and have a look around.