Saturday, 17 November 2007

Sunday Scrapping

Sunday ScrappinAmy at Tiny Blessings has started a new meme called Sunday Scrapping. I really love to scrap, it makes me so relaxed and focused on the things I have to do afterwards, so I wish I could scrap regularly. It definitely would be great for my sanity. *lol*

I hope to participate in this meme from time to time. It's easy - just post your TO-DO's and TA-DA's for the week. And if you want to share, post some pictures of the things you have achieved. I need to get my Christmas cards done. So far I've done like 0 cards for myself.... And lately not many cards for sale either. Oh well, I can't do everything, can I? Right now my studies and work are my highest priorities, besides my kids of course.