Monday, 19 November 2007

Far behind on my reading list

Lately I've been too busy to read any blogs. Usually I visit my favorite blogs and those on my reading list at least once a week but since I went back to school I haven't read many blogs. There just isn't any time for reading until I finish my first exams.

When I finish my exams I hope to add more travel blogs to my reading list. I think that's the perfect combo - a blog about traveling. I love going places, not for the thrill of going far or getting a stamp in my passport, but to see new things. Actually, you don't have to travel at all to discover new places, just go for a walk in your neighborhood and look at everything with "new" eyes. I'm sure you'll discover lots of things you never thought about before.

One thing I like about travel blogs is that they usually have a wider approach to the place they visit and not just a travel agent's point of view. A travel blog can deal with just about any subject and then you can leave comments. I think that's part of the fun, to talk about your experiences while traveling.

Only 2 more weeks before my first 3 exams. When I'm done with those I think I'll take a whole day off and just relax. And do some serious blog reading. *lol*