Monday, 19 November 2007

The rains are coming

I've heard today that it's snowing heavily in the north of Spain and that it's raining in the east. That means that the rains will probably hit us tomorrow or on Wednesday. The rain season is about to begin!

You can easily tell that the rains are on their way because the temperatures have dropped. This morning I had to turn on the electric heater for the first time this season. The kids were not not happy to get up in a very cold house. I think we had like 17 degrees C when I got up. I really need to buy a gas heater! Electricity is so expensive so we hardly use it, and because of that the house gets cold and damp, and everything starts to smell. :-( With a heater we can actually afford I think things will change.

Today I'm attacking Mount Washmore because once it starts to rain it will probably rain for a week and then it will be sunny but cold for a day or two before it starts to rain again. And do on... Until May, when the rains stop and the dry season begins. I don't have a dryer so when it rains the laundry won't get dry for several days and you can imagine the smell... *yuck* I hate that smell! So I usually end up drying the laundry in the living room. :-(