Friday, 5 October 2007

Portable DVD player

I remember the long hours in the car with my parents and little brother when we traveled to visit relatives or to our house in the countryside. My brother and I always used to fight. Back then there was no law to use safety belts in the car, so my brother and I used to jump up and down and throw things at each other the whole trip. I wonder how my dad was able to drive with all that noise and objects flying around...

Nowadays going on a trip is much easier. With a CD player you can listen to music or the radio. That's ok for shorter trips. But kids these days get bored very quickly and need "action" all the time. I think the solution to a long trip is a portable DVD player. They seem so cool! And they will keep the kids (both younger and eh, "older kids" *lol*) occupied for several hours. If you plug it directly to your cigarette lighter it will work for the whole drive. The kids can watch their favorite DVDs or CDs and will hardly notice that they are in a car. No more fighting and no more yelling. What a relief! But make sure you get a portable 10 inch DVD player that is a compatible DIVX player, so you can use it with most DVDs and CDs - and also MP3, MP4, VCD, DIVX and JPEG files. That way you get everything in just one unit: Movies, music and pictures.

Just remeber, safety on the road is the most important issue. The DVD player is not for the driver! Also, don't forget to take the portable DVD player with you when you leave the car. Make sure you have plenty of water and some snacks in the car when you go on long trips, you never know it the trip will be longer than expected.