Tuesday, 2 October 2007

A new habit: backups

While my kids were babies I went back to school on line to become a webmaster. It was great fun and I learned a lot, both about programming and about computer safety. One thing we learned was the importance of doing backups on your computer. Unfortunately, most people ignore this and go on and on with their computers until something happens and they lose everything that's on the hard drive. You should do a back up at least once a month. Why don't you make it a new habit and do a back up on your hard drive every first of month?

If you have lots of stuff on your hard drive you might consider opening an account with an online backup company. That will save you both time and money. No need to buy CD:s and store them at home. Storing on line is clutter free and is good for both your computer and your home. But you have to be careful when you chose the company because not all of them offer the same safety and user conditions. Be sure to read carefully the terms before you sign up.

IDrive-E is one of the leading companies in this field. They offer you 2 GB encrypted (which make their backups more secure) online backup space without any kind of restrictions - for free! That's more than enough for any "normal" user. You can store your photos, media files or other documents you want to keep safe. You can chose between several types of backups: incremental backup, continuous backup or mapped drive backup, whatever suits you the best. You can easily access your files by logging in to your account from the web, which is great if you travel a lot or have several computers.

Why don't you start your new habit today and create a backup of your important files?