Monday, 1 October 2007

Diamonds are a girl's best friends

Do you remember that song, sung by Marilyn Monroe in one of her movies? In "Some like it Hot", wasn't it? I don't think she was such a good actress but I still like some of her movies because they are fun. Marilyn Monroe was crazy about jewelry and she loved to show the world her gems.

I'm not a very fancy girl. But I do like jewelry. Well, actually I think I like shopping for jewelry more than actually wearing it afterwards. *lol* My passion is earrings! I got my ears pierced 3 times so I could actually wear 6 earrings at the same time if I wanted to. Well, I do, sometimes. I like all kinds of earrings - big, small, studs, huggie hoops, "normal" hoops... When I'm sad, nothing cheers me up as much as buying a pair of earrings. What do you do to cheer you up when you're sad?