Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Christmas wishlist

Christmas is getting closer by the day. Several of my favorite bloggers are already planning their holidays and I think it's about time I start my planning as well. I don't worry about cleaning the house this year because by the time we finish the makeover I will have cleaned every square centimeter. So I guess getting the house this dirty is good for something. *lol*

The one thing that worries me most about the Christmas preparations are the presents. In my family we give loads of gifts. At least to the kids. We start on December 1st with one gift each for every day until December 24. That makes 48 gifts in my case. And that's BEFORE Santa... Because Santa brings another sack of presents.... I know, my kids get too many presents. But I try to make sure the first 24 gifts are small and useful and not too expensive, like pens, erasers, underwear, chocolate bars...

When it comes to the bigger gifts I'm thinking about ordering on line this year. is a good place to start. I like coupons! They make life a little less expensive. I haven't done a wish list for years (but I tend to tell people what I "need" in case they're planning on giving me something). If I did it would definitely include new pans, which I could get with Chefs coupons and a subscription or two thanks to a deals.