Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Taking a day off

I'm probably taking the day off the computer tomorrow. I feel like I've spent too much time on line today, due to the painter. He came 8.30 AM and left 5.30 PM. Since he wanted to finish B:s room today he came back at 8.30 PM and left about 10.30. So I've spent most of the day in the bedroom by the computer. At least I've studied a bit of Latin. Actually, I've done more than I had planned so I'm rather pleased with myself.

Tomorrow is going to be my cleaning day. Finally I'll be able to get B:s things back in his room. I guess that'll keep me busy most of the day. I want to do things right this time and organize his room. His room usually is a mess because he doesn't have a clue as how to keep his room tidy and nice. Fly Lady has a Student Control Journal I'll read again tomorrow and help my son make his own. Laura over at I'm an Organizing Junkie has some great ideas too. I'll have a closer look at them tomorrow. And of course, I'll purge as much as I can because he keeps so much useless stuff in his room. Over the coming weeks we'll look for storage solutions so he can have a room that fit a 10 year old boy instead of a room that looks like a pigsty.

If I don't get too sidetracked I might even be able to find some space for my yoga mat and do a short routine. I haven' done yoga for ages and I can feel that in both my body and soul. I need yoga so I can get my strength back.

I'll try not to log in until the kids are in bed tomorrow night, but I guess I'll log in for a short while in the morning. Internet is my best contact with the "outside world", so I like to log in at least twice a day to see how my family is doing. Thank God for internet!