Saturday, 22 September 2007

I'm still having problems

I don't know why my connection is so slow. I've tried every trick in the book - I've disconnected the modem, I've restarted it, I've rebooted the computer - several times.... And it's the same. I don't think it's my modem. I think it's something wrong with the line due to the bad weather we've had these past days and then there's nothing to do. The Kbps goes from 0 to 300 to 20 to 0 to 450 to 0 to 3 to 0.... More 0 than anything else.... So I get "connection timed out" all the time and have to refresh every page I try to visit. It's really, really annoying!

Yesterday I tried the whole day to post an entry about food during Ramadan but no way. So I'll post that and the other 10 entries I've written these past days as soon as my line is stable again. Until then, keep on commenting and check back every now and again, I might be back again.... Or subscribe to my feed and you'll see right away when I'm back.

Until next time... Which will be soon, I hope....