Saturday, 22 September 2007


Every night during Ramadan people eat harira and chebbakia. Harira is a thick soup made with tomatoes, other vegetables, meat, chick peas, lentils and vermicelli. There are about as many ways to make harira as there are Moroccan women in the world, because every household has their own recipe. I prefer to make my harira without meat and more chick peas. Moroccans would probably not consider it a real harira, because in Morocco, meat is the most important part of the meal. In spite of being a rural country with lots of different vegetables, vegetarians are scarce around here and considered a bit nuts. I'm sure people thought my hubby had gone crazy when we first started dating because at that time I was still a vegetarian.

Yesterday I found a new blog from Morocco. I think their harira recipe sounds delicious so instead of writing mine I’ll give you the link to their harira. *lol* That way you can try a real Moroccan harira.

The boys and I love harira and not just during Ramadan. When we for some reason can't have dinner at home we go to a small restaurant and have harira. It's really cheap, 3 dirham (less than 0,40 USD) for a bowl of steaming hot delicios harira. And after one bowl you are normally not hungry anymore because of all the ingredients. This is the perfect soup for cold winter nights!


Amy said...

Sounds yummy!

Thanks for coming by to check on me. We're better, today I just have a terribly sore throat and DS still has a bit of a runny nose. Hopefully in another day or two we'll be all healed up!