Thursday, 13 September 2007

I'm a PPP postie

I've been writing blog ads for PayPerPost for about 2 months now and honestly, I LOVE it! The opportunities are fun and easy to do, so they don't take too long to write. But I always try to put a personal touch on my ads, because I want all my posts to be interesting (or at least that's my hope) to my readers. I want to be able to relate to the topic so I would not accept an opportunity I didn't believe in.

Since I'm a newbie I don't get the best opportunities yet. Just imagine, you can earn over 200 dollars for just one blog ad or review! Isn't that great? That can make a lot of money in a month if you're lucky. I know I'll try my best to become a great blogger and be able to pay for my studies. So far I've still quite a long way to go but in a few months time I think I've earned enough for the tuition fee for this year. :-)