Sunday, 30 September 2007

Garage storage

I don't have a garage because I live in an apartment, but if I had I would try to make the best of that space. Most people only use it to park the car and that's it. It's a pity really, because usually garages are quite big spaces.

One thing I really like is when people use metal cabinets in their garage. It's so versatile and I like that shiny look. And you can lock the doors, which is very important in a home with kids.

My parents use their garage a lot. My mom uses it to store the plants and pots that can't be out during winter. She also has a cabinet where she stores jam, dried fruit and other food that needs to be kept in a cool place. My dad uses his part of the garage to store his tools on a pegboard. I like pegboards, they are great for storing a lot of things. Actually, I like the garage furniture because it was made for storing lots of things in a small space. And not just in the garage. I think I have to check this out because I might find some smart solutions for my home as well.