Thursday, 13 September 2007


The weather this morning was a little grey and dull, but nothing out of the ordinary. The weather has been quite bad these past days. September is usually a warm month and you can still go to the beach. Well, not this year. :-(

Anyway, by 9 AM the thunder started. By 11 AM a light rain started to fall. It was one of those nice summer rains, so I thought it wouldn't last long. By noon it was POOOUUURING down! I've never seen anything like it! When it rains here it does rain a lot, but this was not any kind of normal rain I've ever seen before. In a matter of minutes the streets were totally flooded and I saw the neighbors running around in the streets trying to sweep the water out of their houses. The stairs in my house also got flooded and I had to take my broom and sweep out the water as well. Even the upstairs room got flooded, because there are some tiny cracks in the windows and the pressure of the water was so strong so the water got in through the cracks.

It poured down for about an hour and then it stopped. It has been raining on and off the whole evening. But the streets are slowly drying up again.

Just have a look for yourselves!

***UPDATE: Several people have died in this area due to the HUGE amount of water that came down today. In some areas the water were more than 40 cm deep on the roads. And we're talking about a rain that lasted only 1 hour...


Jenn said...

That is a lot of rain for an hour! How long did it take to dry out? I'm sorry to hear there has been loss of life.

Mayogi said...

Hi Jenn!

Well, it took about the whole evening to dry out once the rain stopped to fall. There were still some puddles this morning, but I think it raining a little last night as well, because I woke up and was really cold. Summer is definitely over! *sobbing*