Friday, 14 September 2007

I'm so tired

The kitchen is slowly coming together. There's still A LOT of work before it's totally done but at least we won't have people all over the place every day. And I won't have to spend several hours every day trying to get rid of the concrete dust.

The electrician is coming tomorrow morning to finish his part. Great! Then we will have an oven, an extractor and lots of light. The guys from the window company are also coming, to finish some details they forgot about last week when they were here. I'm glad the owner is a friend of my husband's, I know he'll come whenever there's a problem with my windows.

Next one on the list is the plumber. He said he'll come as soon as the electrician is done with his part, so hopefully he'll show up in the next couple of days. When he's done we'll have water in the kitchen and hot water in the shower. I can't wait! I haven't had a good shower for almost a month now and that's causing me a slight depression. I hate not being able to shower at least every second day. I hate feeling dirty and smelling bad, but what can you do? I do shower, but the water is ice cold so we're talking really, really quick showers, to get rid of the most visible dirt.... Please, remember to tell me about the no shower part in case I start talking about another makeover in this house. I - do - NOT - want - to - go - through - this - again! Ok?

The carpenter, painter and brick-layer are the last ones on the list. I will be able to use my kitchen before they're done, but not entirely. At least I'll be able to cook, do the dishes and shower...

So, all in all, I think I'll have a working kitchen around mid October, about 2 months after we started this makeover.