Friday, 7 September 2007

Eating in London

I'm a London fan. When I was younger I dreamed about moving to London and making a living as a musician. Mind you, I don't know how to play any instruments so that was a crazy idea. But dreams have to be crazy sometimes. They add flavor to life, don't you agree?

I've been to London several times and although I don't dream about a career as a punk rocker any more I wouldn't mind living in London. I mean, that city has it all! Or as Samuel Johnson said: "When a man is tired of London he is tired of life, for there is in London all that life can afford." That is so true!

One thing I really like about London is the variety of places to eat and the nightlife. I think there must be at least one restaurant for each cuisine in the world. There's a new community about London restaurants - check it out! The funny thing is that most people think that British food is dull and well, not so appetizing.... And then when you go to London you see all those wonderful restaurants and you just go wow.... *lol*