Saturday, 1 September 2007

Blog Talk Gossip

There's a new group over at Yahoo. Blog Talk Gossip is for the semiserious blogger that would like to network with other bloggers about how to blog stuff, the best blog technology, blog gadgets and gizmos, the best blog networks, when to blog, how to blog it when you feel it, and more!

Since this is the first month they're having a contest. The prize will be to have 3 links OR 1 feedburner banner on the home page of our little Blog Talk Gossip yahoo group.

This is how it works:

1. Let people know there is a contest going on and that you'd like to invite them to join under your name OR your blog's name. OK, as you know my blog's name is Mayogi @ Home. Please, please, please - don't forget that. *lol* Once you've joined you can write about the contest on your blog and gain points for yourself.

2. When they join they must leave some sort of message saying "so-and-so referred me" OR "I found out about this group via so-and-so's blog". Once again, Mayogi @ Home. Ok? As simple as that. *lol*

I've been a member since yesterday and I'm really thrilled about this group. I'm sure it's going to be a great group with really talented bloggers. Why don't you join as well? I doubt you'd regret that. Being in a group from the start has a lot of advantages, it's a great way of building up a network and you can get lots of personal advice on how to improve your blog.

Hope to see you soon over at Blog Talk Gossip!


Angela said...

I think it's great that you blogged about the contest.

Hopefully folks will find out about the yahoo group from your blog and will mention that they did so.

This will be a lot of fun!!