Monday, 20 August 2007

New windows

A friend of my husband's is in the window business and he just came over to have a look at our windows. We are probably going to order 3 new windows through him and a "wall" (we're closing our kitchen balcony and it's almost 4 meter long and 3 meter tall, so it's more like a wall than a window. *lol* Look at the photo on the left.). I hope he'll give us a good price because windows are expensive. But we really do need new windows. Actually it's a pity because our windows are beautiful, but the wood is damaged and getting them fixed would be even more expensive than getting new ones.

Our apartment is the one with the blue windows. The window on the left is going to be our new kitchen door. We're not gaining much by closing the kitchen door and opening up a new door but we're gaining a tiny laundry room and a hallway. And I get rid of all the nasty birds that leave their "marks" all over the balcony. I just HATE those birds!

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