Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Day 3 - And the show goes on

I didn't post the pix of the kitchen last night. I was sooo tired!

Yesterday we went shopping. We wanted to get the tiles for the walls and fllor and the countertops but all the shops were closed. Today is the birthday of the King, so most shops were closed yesterday and will be today as well. At least we managed to buy the oven, the stove and the extractor and got them delivered today.

Due to the King's birthday and because he was in the neighborhood the roads were closed and we ended up in a traffic jam. When we came home my parents had already left for the restaurant with the kids so I had to cross the town, running among hundreds of thousands of people who were out for n evening stroll. My husband had to go and see a friend about the windows so he didn't have dinner with us. We came back home around midnight. The kids were half asleep! And then some friends turned up at home, so I put the kids to bed and then we sat down talking to our friends until 2 AM.

Today B is sick. He has a high temperature and slept for several hours this morning (and guess who fell asleep beside him? *embarrassed*). My husband is also sick. So right now things aren't too bright here in Morocco....

This is what the kitchen looked like last night:

Hopefully I'll post todays pictures later tonight. Who knows, we might even have a place to put the oven.

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Linda said...

Haha, I´m not jealous regarding the mess but I am jealous about getting a new kithcen :)

ANd that food above looks YUMMYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!
And finally you got a pop up so maybe I can comment now :)

Hugs and kisses to you sweetie pie!