Sunday, 19 August 2007

Day 2 - The kitchen is empty

This morning I went on working my way around the kitchen. This is the shelf on top of the bathroom. Old Moroccan houses have a smart way to gain space. They lowered the inner roof in the bathroom and built a shelf on top of it, accessible from the kitchen. Our apartment is considered quite old, it's about 40 years old and built in the old style. So I have a huge shelf where I can put lots and lots of stuff. Unfortunately I haven't used it much but once I get the kitchen fixed I just might use it more. Anyway, this morning the shelf was still full of empty bottles and stuff I hardly ever use.

This is what the kitchen looked like at 9 PM - empty!

Part of the stuff is out on the balcony, in the cupboards from the kitchen. We just put one on top of the other and I got a nice place to leave a lot of stuff. The rest of the apartment also has got it's share of extra stuff- the fridge is in Gs room now and the food in Bs room. Woohoo, this is going to be a rough time! But I guess it's going to be worth it in the end.

More pictures tomorrow, after the first day of "destroying" my kitchen.

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