Saturday, 11 August 2007

I finally did it!

What...? What did I do this morning? I did yoga..... *lol* For the first time in I don't know how long. I really love doing yoga and it helps me center on the things I need to do. Half an hour of yoga and I'm like new. Then I can really concentrate and get things done.

I used to do a 90-minutes routine every other day last year, until I went to Sweden on Christmas holiday, because I didn't take my mat with me and life was really stressful at that time = no time for yoga in 3 weeks. When I came back home to Morocco I wanted to get back to my routine but somehow there was always something to do or I was hungry or whatever and I found hundreds of excuses for not doing yoga. And of cause, I was back at being stressed out. Somehow I found the Sun Salutations really hard to do so that was a "good" reason not to do yoga. Well, the other day i found a much easier way to do the Sun salutation and now I've run out of excuses!

This morning I just couldn't stand that feeling of stress in my stomach any more and I decided I would do a very, very simple routine. Just a few Sun Salutations, Supported Shoulderstand, Plow Pose and Corpse Pose. It only took me like 15 minutes and here I am, just like new again! Why didn't I find this easy Sun Salutation- routine before? That would have saved me from lots of stress this summer. Oh well, at least I found it and it's going to be part of my morning routine from now on. And when i feel the stress levels rise - I'll have a date with my yoga mat and the sun.*lol*

I belong to a yoga group over at Café Mom. It's called Namaste. If you're into yoga, go and check it out!