Saturday, 11 August 2007

One day left

My husband and parents are coming tomorrow night. My husband has not been here for a little over a year now so he's really excited to see what we've done with our home since his last visit. The kids are counting the hours because they've missed their dad so much. I'm happy too, but right now I'm way too busy getting it all company ready so I don't have the time to feel anything at all.

I woke up early this morning and did some yoga and then I started washing....And washing.... And washing.... I have lost the count on the loads I've done so far today and I still have a couple of loads to do before I'm done. I have finally started washing all the blankets, bed covers and pillows, because we don't really need them until October or November and they only take up space in the rooms so I wash them before I put them away in the wardrobe. I guess I'm doing some sort of spring cleaning but several months late. Oh well, at least I'm getting it done and hopefully my home will look a little bit less cluttered. And my husband will be happy to come home to a clean and semi decluttered home.

Next week we'll prepare everything for this years GREAT HOME MAKEOVER. We're getting a new kitchen. We'll buy a new fridge/freezer, oven, stove, microwave (I don't have one now) and get it all redone (flooor, walls, doors, cupboards) so it's going to be a huge job. My kitchen is really, really small and not at all well planned, so I've been wanting to do this ever since we bought this apartment. And next week it's finally time to get started. WOOOHOOO! I'm really, really thrilled about that. I'll keep you posted on the progress of my new kitchen.

This is a photo of the state of my kitchen last year. I've had lots of problems with the tubes and the kitchen has been flooded several times. When I took this photo the plumber was moving the washing machine so I took everything out of the kitchen. I took this photo so you can see how Moroccan kitchens looks like - there isn't much furniture, except for a place to put the stove and a few cupboards. I want a European kitchen, with a place to have a cup of tea or a quick snack and enough cupboards and shelves to put everything in its' place. Please say a prayer so the makeover will be quick and well done!

Anyway, I'll share this experience with you so stay tuned for the MAKEOVER of the year. *lol*


Sofia said...

Började min köksrenovering någon gång i början av november och den skulle vara klar till 11 dec när jag flyttade in. Jag kan säga att det är FORTFARANDE inte klart! Helt galet! Tror att jag måste ringa snickaren snart, för han har faktiskt lovat att komma och fixa det sista (så fort han kom hem från enveckasresan till turkiet i maj...).