Tuesday, 31 July 2007

A win - win situation

I just found an interesting website: Boat Angel. It's a place where you can donate your old boat and they fix it up so it can be sold. The money they get for selling it goes to the charity of your choice. Their list of charities is quite extensive so you have a good selection to make sure the money goes to something you like. I just had a quick look at it and found charities for drug treatment programs, animal shelters, free facial reconstructive surgery, reading and math tutoring and lots more!

So, how does it work? Well, imagine you have an old boat cluttering your backyard. *lol* You need to get rid of it but don't know how to do that. You don't have the time to fix it so it will look good enough for sale and you can't give it away because, after all, you did pay a good amount of money for it. No problem! The people from Boat Angel come to your place, pick the boat up and get it ready for sale. And what about you? You get to feel really good about yourself for donating money to a good cause and a fair market value as a lawful IRS tax deduction for your boat donation. Isn't that a great arrangement?

If you have a boat you don't need -
Donate my Boat!

Boatangel also has several outreach centers for at risk kids, drug addicts and homeless people.