Saturday, 28 July 2007

It's HOT in here!

Today is the end of procrastination in this home!!!! I'm a SHE (Side Tracked Home Executive) and I tend to pretend I don't "see" the mess at home. Well, not any more! I can't go on like this,becusemy messy home is really taking its' toll on me. I feel stressed out and depressed and I don't want to have anyone over. I LOVE to have my friends over but right now I'd rather walk barefoot on fire than let anyone in. And this morning my SIL came to visit..... You can't even begin to imagine how embarressed I was.... So NO MORE!

I've started in Gs room. It's getting a total make over, a much needed one I tell you. It started to smell in there, so I don't know what was in there really. Anyway, I took away the carpet, and his floor is empty, vacuumed and mopped. The sheets are in the washer and later today I'm going to wash the curtains as well. And the furniture will get their wiping down as well. And I'll see if I can move things around a bit.

Bs room is also getting a good cleaning. And B cleaned the balcony this morning the Moroccan way - you take a bucket of water and throw the water on the floor. Then you take a broom or a cloth and push the water towards the door and let the water run down the stairs, pass below the entrance door and out in the street.

It's HOT in here. I'm sweating and it's not only because of the cleaning. I guess we have like 30 degrees C (90 degrees F) inside the house and today is a very humid day (around 70 %). Oh well, they say sweating is a good way to lose weight - so I'd better look at it in a positive way, I'm getting fit cleaning my house. *lol*

Time to get back to my chores. I've put the kids in the living room, without TV, because they're getting on my nerves. Instead of helping me out or doing their chores they add to mine, like throwing out a whole bucket of water in the dining room and not telling me or throwing out their toys instead of picking them up. They are 8 and 10 so they really should know how to help a bit, shouldn't they? I don't give them difficult chores but they just don't want to do them. So I've had it! If they don't want to participate, there will be no TV or music for a week and I get to do whatever I want in their rooms (I get to pick how many toys they'll have - and the answer is less than half of what they have right now. If they can't pick their rooms up it's probably because they have too many toys. No toys = no picking up. *lol*).

Oh well, time's up!