Sunday, 3 June 2007

Long time, no see

Yesterday I went to work for a while, just to see what was going on. I work as a volunteer teacher at a Spanish cultural center and library, so there is always something going on: workshops, meetings for different volunteer groups, movies, poetry, theater, etc. It's a great place and I really enjoy being a part of all that.

Well, a friend of mine was making tea in the kitchen and while I was waiting for my cupa I noticed someone was staring at me from a distance. You know, that creepy feeling you get when someone stares at you.... I turned around and saw this man staring at me like he'd seen a ghost.... There was definitely something familiar about that man so I stared back at him. So there we were, staring at each other for several minutes. *lol* And then I realized it was a very dear old friend of mine whom I hadn't seen in ages. Actually, last time I saw him we celebrated his 20th birthday and there he was, all of a sudden, 35 years old. It was a very odd feeling because he's now a grown man and not the kid I used to know. Somehow I couldn't get the idea of him growing up. To me, he has always been that funny kid and I could never have imagined him as a grown up. It was so nice to meet him again!!! Unfortunately we couldn't talk for long because he was off to a meeting but we exchanged phone numbers and we will try to meet sometime soon. That's great! Old friends are nice friends, most of the time. *lol*


Darshan Baruah said...

Totally agree.Old frinds are indeed nice friends..Unfortunately I met this old (not so nice friend of mine) yesterday night and he spoke to me from twelve midnight til 6 in the morning.worst part is he repeats the same things again and again.By end of it I was tired and exhausted.e you keep in touch with ur frnd.It's really a nice feeling

Mayogi said...

Hi Darshan!

I read about your friend last night. I didn't have time to drop you a comment, sorry! But I totally agree, sometimes old friends are the best because they've known you in good times as well as in not so good times and they still stand by your side. That's worth a lot.

Take care!