Friday, 1 June 2007

Blog for money?

To tell you the truth, I have always been against the idea of blogging for money because I've visited one too many websites that were ONLY publicity and no content. Booooring! But lately I've changed my mind and I've realised that blogging for money doesn't have to be something bad. You can still make an interesting blog and write about stuff you like. It's not like you ONLY have to write about other people's stuff. You are entitled to your own opinion, which for me is the most important thing about blogging. I would never accept to lie or cheat for money. Basically, it's just like keeping on doing your own thing but with a little extra every now and then.

I've found this site, Blogvertise, which pays you for giving your opinion on website products and services. Isn't that great? I mean, I visit different pages and blogs all the time and I don't get paid for that. If I can do the same and get some cash for doing so every now and then, then why not? I could definitely use the extra money, because I will never get rich working as a volunteer teacher. *lol*

I'm totally and utterly new to this whole "blog for money"- business and frankly, I still don't know really how it works, but according to the information on the website it's a piece of cake. They give you the link and tell you what you shold look for. Then you write an entry about the product/website and talk about what you think. That doesn't seem too hard. Especially since you're allowed to your own opinion. Oh boy, this sounds like so much fun! I just love surfing on the net and I think you can learn things from just about every page you see on the net, so I think I'm really going to enjoy this.

If you want to know more about blogging for money or about
Blogvertise, take a look at their FAQ.


Happy Kitten said...

Thanks for the tip!

LOL! so changed ur mind eh? why not? everyone is making money and u can make it while u write what you want to!

Mayogi said...

Oh yes, I declare guilty. *lol* I changed my mind. I mean, "everybody else" is doing it, so why shouldn't I? I mean, that's basically what I do anyway and for free, just like my teaching job, so if I can do what I like to do and earn some extra cash - why not?

Take care!