Friday, 1 June 2007

Playing with my kids

My boys are almost 8 and almost 10 years old. Now that they are getting bigger we have several interests in common, so we really do enjoy our quality time together. Since I'm a SAHM I try to finish all my boring chores before they come home. I try to spend as much time as posible with them in the evenings, helping them with their homework, teaching them English and other things that can be useful in the future. Poor things, it can't be easy to have a mom who's a teacher. *lol* Luckily enough they are book worms, just like mummy, so we really enjoy our visits to the libraries.

We all enjoy scrapping, making cards and little projects so there's always something going on on our living room table. I hope I'll live to see the day what my home will be completely "company ready". I guess I'd better start saving money so I can buy a bigger house... A scraproom would be a nice thing to have.

Movies is another hobby we have in common. Almost every weekend we make popcorn or buy potatoe chips and watch movies together. "Stuart Little" is the favourite at the moment.

Today it's Friday and we've all taken a few hours off our homework, class preparation and chores - we're going to play Playstation!!!! So tada, I'm off to Radiator Springs.... *lol*