Friday, 15 June 2007

Are you looking for gadgets?

When I first started making web pages, back in 1998, I joined BravenetAffiliate Program to get all sorts of gadgets for my pages. I really enjoyed that experience of having so many things to chose from. I think I tried EVERYTHING! And I liked every feature they offered. Ok, there were things I liked more and things I didn't like so much.*lol* But since I tried them all I can truly say that I never had any problems what so ever with any of the gadgets I used. Ok, the cartoon thing did not work out at all on a web page in Swedish but other than that I liked them all. And no, I have not been payed to write this! *lol*

Since I first started I've done several web pages and I've been blogging for about 2½ years. I usually build my own gadgets when I need them, so I haven't been a member of Bravenet for a long time. But today I happened to find it again and that brought back so many good memories. It feels like it has been there forever. It's good to see that there still are things out there, free of charge, for people just starting out, making their first web pages or forums.

I had to have a look around to see if things were like in "the good old days". *lol* They were, and they are even better now. There are some new features, like a blog and guest maps, and then the "old stuff", like different polls, chat rooms and lots more. And it's all for free! I'm actually thinking about adding a few new features to my blog. Like a poll.... I don't know why but I've always liked the polls. I think it's a funny way to get to know more about the people who read you.