Saturday, 16 June 2007

Party time!!!!

Welcome to my cyber party!!!

Today we're celebrating the first month of my blog Mayogi @ Home. Please step inside and have some Moroccan cookies and a glass or two of Moroccan mint tea! Don't worry, there are cookies for everyone.

In this first month I've written 38 posts and so far 289 visitors have come by. Not bad, huh? This is not my first blog, not even in English, but it's the first one that I really see as a way to make friends worldwide. Because that's my intention with this blog - make friends, have fun and keep my English "alive". Not many people around here speak English so I never get a chance to practise and if I don't, I will end up forgetting everything and I just don't want that to happen.

A party without music isn't really a party, is it? So let's turn on the music and listen to it LOUD!!!! First some Mika:

And I can't have a party without some Spanish music so here's one of my favourite artists, Manolo García:

And since I live in Morocco there has to be some Arabic music at my party so here comes Cheb Khaled, the king of rai:

I hope you're enjoying yourself at my party. Please, have some more tea. Don't be afraid, step up on the dance floor and have some fun! It really isn't that complicated to dance to Arabic music - just move your hips and move to the music.*lol* Here's a class in belly dancing. *rotflao* You'll learn some Japanese at the same time.

Please, write something in the comments so I know you came by. And don't be shy, have another cookie! Try one with almonds in it. Or maybe one with figs. Or do you prefer chocolare? Just help yourself, there are plenty of cookies.


Linda said...

Yeees a party!! Wonderful! I really like the party!! the tea is perfectly sweetened and the cokies are great! And the music... :)

great! Congratulations on one month!

Heather said...

Happy Birthday Blog! :)

Mayogi said...

Linda, please have another glass of tea.i have plenty of mint. And if I by chance would run out of it I'll just go to the market and get some more.

Heather - thank you! Have another cookie. Have you tried the belly dance yet?

mamabright said...

GREAT party!!!

what are the yummy looking treats in the tray at the front of the table???

and I love I'll have one more cookie...but only if we can go for a walk on the beach later to work off the

happy birthday!

blessings, mamabright :-)

Mayogi said...

Mamabright - what's on the tray are empanadillas filled with tuna. The chocolate cookies are filled with almonds, so here's another one. They are really good. The white cookies are filled with almonds and the white is sugar. On the tray at the back are milhojas/milfeuilles.

Ok, see you on Wednesday (my first day off in a long time) for a long walk along the beach. Who knows, we might even go for a swim, the water is warm enough. *lol*

Rebecca said...

Happy blog birthday! Oh my that food looks sooooooo GOOOD!!!!!

Jennisa said...

I added you to Mommy Talk! Just make sure to visit the site to get the question for the following Monday and post away! On Mondays, post the logo with the link back to the site with your answers!

Peeush Trikha said...

Moroccan Mint Tea - sounds tasty . I wish If you could have send it across the Internet !!

Mayogi said...

Rebecca - Thanks! I wish you could come to Morocco some day, then I'd invite you to all of these delicious snacks.

Jennisa - Thanks a lot! I really like Mommy Talk so it's going to be so much fun! I hope it's okey I start today (Wednesday) instead of Monday.

Peeush Trikha - So do I. *lol* Instead I'll send you a virtual glass of Moroccan mint tea. Here you are. I hope you enjoy it! And have some cookies, they are really delicious. ;-)

Suzel O'Donnell said...

Lovely party!!! Congratulations!!!

Jenn said...

Happy Blog Birthday to you! Great party!!! The food looks FABULOUS!!!

Melissa said...

Oh man, that tea looks fantastic! I would give anything for some Moroccan mint tea right now, steaming hot of course! Now if you had some couscous or tagine to go with it, I'd be in heaven! :)