Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Spring clothes

Spring is in the air. Today is a fairly warm day, a little windy but the sun is warm. We are stuck indoors because the kids want to spend their last day of the holiday plugged in to the Play Station. Ok, so I let them. Am I a really lousy mom for not making them go outdoors in the sun? I don't think so... Because from tomorrow on they will be back in school and will spend at least a couple of hours outdoors each day. So why not let them decide? There will be lots of sunny days ahead, from May and onwards until October there will be hardly any rain at all so there will be plenty of tie to play in the sun.

I feel a bit stressed today. I guess that's just part of the PMS I'm suffering right now. :-( I've done quite a lot of laundry and in a few hours I have to go to work. I don't feel like working today. I guess we're been off school and work for too many days, I've just become a lazy Franny. Oh my! It's time to get back on the Fly Lady wagon again, I NEED it!

Over the next coming weeks I'll need to go through all our clothes. I will wash and stash away the winter clothes we might be able to wear next winter, give away what we will not wear again and throw away what's too torn to give away. I need a mayor make over of my closet. I'm so tired of my clothes! I think I'll be radical this year and get rid of all those items I keep, "just in case"... I've lost quite a bit of weight these past years and all my old jeans and sweaters are too big for me. I think it's time, once and for all, to get rid of my old big me and only keep what I wear right now. And if I gain weight again, well, then I'll just have to buy new clothes! A crammed closet doesn't make me a happier person...

So what's new in the fashion scene for spring? I'm sorry to admit that I haven't got a clue about fashion. I think I'd have to get addicted to a fashion blog so I'll learn. I want to be a posh mommy, not the usual Franny I'm at home. HELP! I guess I, too, need a makeover! So, where should I go first? Any suggestion will be very well appreciated, because I think this situation really has to change. Yep, I'm about to turn into a butterfly.... Or at least that's what I wish I could be....