Sunday, 23 March 2008

Payday around the corner

March is almost over and the payday is slowly coming closer. In a way it's a sad day because at least in my case the money is usually gone almost before I get it in my hand. It's like magic, the money just vanishes into thin air... It's hard when you don't have enough money. I wish I could teach at home too, but right now I don't have any free time so I guess I'll have to work all summer so I can afford to take the kids somewhere for a week before school starts again. I really do need to have a close look at my economy.

One way to get money quickly is to get online payday loans. I'm not very fond of loans but there are moments when one quick loan is actually the best way to heal your economy or your sanity. A friend of mine took a loan to get out of a really bad situation. She left her longtime boyfriend who was not treating her well and took a trip abroad, to get away from her everyday life and build up some strength so shoe could rebuild her life when she got back home. Those weeks in the sun, just taking care of herself, made wonders for her and she came home a much stronger woman. Without a quick loan she would probably still be saving money for that trip which changed her life. And who knows, she might even still be stuck with that stupid ex boyfriend of hers. In her case, that loan truly was a blessing.