Friday, 21 March 2008

Happy easter!

Well, Lent is almost over for this year. Only two more days to go....

My experience this year has not been so good. I had so many plans for Lent this year, I would start praying every day, I would do my Rosary, I would read the Bible, I would stay away from internet, cookies and meat... Well, in the end I just managed to stay away from the internet (thanks to the internet provider that cut me off), meat (except for one day when I had to eat out and there was no non meat food on the menu) and cookies (except for a few days when I was on the edge of a total breakdown and needed a sugar rush). So in the end I guess I did okey. Not as good as I planned, but it could have been worse.

Life has been really chaotic lately. Lots and lots of problems and no solution not even close, so I feel really exhausted. I hope things will start to improve soon, because I'm really running on empty right now.

The kids and I plan to have a tiny party just for us on Sunday. I hope it will be fun, because we do need some family fun time to be able to go back to school and work again after over a week of vacation.How is it that I always feel more tired AFTER the holidays than BEFORE?

Anyway, have a great Easter!!! Don't eat too much candy and eggs. *lol*