Saturday, 22 March 2008

The girls

Our hamsters are referred to as "the girls" at home. They are really funny and are slowly getting used to us. Both Mochi and Chiquita know what the plastic rollerbowl means and they start to jump up and down as soon as they get a glimpse of it. They know that it means that they will go out of the cage and "have a ball" around the room. It's still a little too early to let they out in the rest of the house, in case they hit hard on something and the bowl opens.

A picture of "the girls" one of the first days at home, about a month ago. They shared a cage for the first week, until Chiquita had her babies.

The babies are almost 3 weeks old and in about 10 days I'll have to separate the males from their mother and sisters. I tried to have a look today as I took the babies out so I could clean the cage, but they all look the same to me. :-( I hope it will be easier to tell them apart in a few days because I don't want any more hamster babies. *lol*

The babies eat a lot of seeds now and don't depend as much on their mother anymore. They all have fur now and most of them have opened their eyes. They love to eat and play and for each day they move around more. It's really fun to watch them! They are so adorable. I wish we could keep them all...


The Witch has landed said...

Very cute indeed. Can imagine the babies are even cuter. :)

/Nettan aka Paxelle