Monday, 7 January 2008

A springtime giveaway

I just stumbled upon a blog about gardening, called Mother Earth's Garden, and since I'd love to have a beautiful garden I just had to blog about it. Hopefully the magical touch will rub off on me and I'll be able to get my poor plants to survive summer this year. *lol* I really love gardening and taking care of the seeds in spring, but by June, when you need to water the plants at least twice a day I tend to forget to do so and within a day or two my plants are all sun burned and dead. :-(

I think 2008 is not only going to be my crafty year, it's also going to be the year when I manage to have a beautiful roof top with beautiful plants that smell wonderfully in the evening breeze. I'm not much of a flower girl, I love to have vegetables and herbs in my pots. I love cooking in spring and early summer, when I can run up to the roof and get myself a handful of fresh mint for my tea or fresh parsley for my rice. Right now, all I have is a tiny plant of basil I've managed to keep alive all winter.

Linette at Mother Earth's Garden is having a giveaway and although I'm not sure I'm entitled to enter, due to me not living in the US, I hope you will. Taking care of Mother Earth is very important, now more than ever, due to all the pollution and earth warming and the lot. So if you want to enjoy a beautiful garden/balcony this summer, head over to Linette and have a go.


Linette said...

Thanks for the mention!

Mayogi said...

You're very welcome Linette! I hope my garden will be a fact this year. *lol*